About Us

Bennett Woodcraft started in early 2019 when I finally decided to take up woodturning. After watching countless YouTube videos and reading many articles I decided to take an introductory class at a local store to make sure it was something I’d enjoy. After that first class I was hooked. 

I started out making pens. My wife used to poke fun at me because I always had a pen in my pocket no matter where I was or where we were going, so I figured that was as good a place as any to start learning a new skill. As of now I’m still making items on the smaller side of things but I’ll soon be upgrading tools and trying my hand at bowls, platters, boxes, and more.

Every turned item in my store is turned by hand in my home workshop. I don’t use any stencils or duplicating devices. Most of the shapes happen as I go. I’ll usually have an idea of what I want it to look like when starting but often I end up with something totally different. 

If you don’t see something that you like but have an idea, color, specific wood, or theme in mind for an item please reach out and we can work together to make something unique for you or for a gift.